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Following Your Bliss


I learned a little trick, stumbled upon by accident, turned my world into a mini-movie, just by adding my own soundtrack.

Let me explain.

I love walking, mostly when I'm in a new city. I like to listen to music hands-free while exploring new environments. I set my playlist and start my adventure. Depending upon how I want to feel that day, it could choose music that seems full of wonder and tender moments. Or I could choose music that makes me think I can conquer the world and overcome any obstacle. Or I can choose music that makes me feel optimistic about the world, something sparkly that makes me notice all the beauty around me. Or I could choose music that makes me feel like an outsider, a renegade, or a spy, a radical thinker. I noticed that my mood changed by walking around with this music, as did my perception. I saw things differently based on my playlist, as though the music became the soundtrack to my preferred movie. For instance, that flock of birds you walkthrough can be ominous or transcending in slow motion, based on your chosen soundtrack.

|| You can choose the soundtrack to your life. ||

Alternately, I could choose music that was calming and contemplative, turning my experience into a walking meditation. Music can take you out of the clock ticking, schedule-driven life, with its ability to shut down the demanding voices in your head and lower your anxiety level, the fight or flight part of your brain. Listening to relaxing music is sometimes all it takes to tap that well-spring of new ideas. And as the ideas begin to flow, a new way of perceiving the world emerges; by altering your thoughts, you can change your life.

|| Music is a tool for insight. ||

If you want to connect to the world on a spiritual level, then meditation music can assist you as your soundtrack and guide. Choosing to listen to calming music can alter your mood and perspective. This 'tool for insight' can be used at any time, is mostly free (after your listening device, headset, and music downloads.) Listening to music is sustainable, comfortable, and right at your fingertips since most of us have music on our phones and computers. Numerous scientific studies support the idea that by lessening our anxiety, we can experience increased awareness and better health.

And listening is something we can do while doing other things. It can block out unwanted distractions. Many people have reported increased focused and increased ability to retain new information while using music for studying. If you are a writer, you can enhance your mood and set the tone through music. Many of us have found that exercise can be less painful through the use of music, especially when choosing music at BPM (beats-per-minute) faster than your standing heart rate. Also, studies show that music can dull our awareness of pain.

|| The power is in your hands. ||

Choosing music faster or slower than your immediate circumstances allows you to select your mood rather than have your mood and stress level thrust upon you. Everyday experiences will feel deeper while listening to music, seeming to add another level or dimension to everything you do. And the power is in your hands.

|| Every moment has a soundtrack.

What will yours be today? ||

Will you go for a long walk in the woods and contemplate your charmed life? Or will you put on some music and dive into that novel, either as a writer or a reader? Will you put on music and get your body moving by doing yoga or just dancing around the house? It's your choice.

|| It's your life. ||

Let the power of music assist you on your journey today.


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