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Music Is A Door To 

Inner Worlds and Emotions

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"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

                           ~ Edgar Cayce (1887 -1945)

My mission with SomaHarmonics is to use my talent as a musician, sound therapist, avid traveler, and amateur musicologist to improve people's lives. I want to spread the word about the power of music to transform your life, starting with your space and working toward improved health, both mental and physical. It is amazing what music can do! 

Listening to music 'passively' is the key to using music to relax you and transform your space into a more peaceful and creative environment. By playing the music very quietly, almost inaudibly, not as something to fill the room, you can add something extraordinary to your space. Be sure to use speakers that have some bottom end. I always recommend Bose speakers. 
I stumbled upon the power of music when I used it to get over a childhood stuttering habit in the ninth grade. I had to stand up in front of the class and give a speech. I was already a musician, and I had determined that first was my 'first language. I slowed myself way down, focused on speaking in a slow rhythmic way. For the first time in 10 years, I was able to speak almost 'normally' with hesitation in my speech. What else can music do, I wondered. 
I have been on a journey to explore the many ways in which music can heal, calm, and elevate our mood. I have been fascinated by how music can take us deeper into ourselves. 

Along the way, it seems as though the music was 'hijacked.' Perhaps because there was much money to be made from promoting celebrities and the 'cult of personality.'  We have lost our connection to our collective experience with music, music that connected us culturally and supported us personally. We need to take 'our music' back.  

Finding the music that you like, music that moves you fulfills your longing to connect with sound, is complicated and liberated by the many choices we have today. Now we can listen to any music, at any time, and in any most convenient way. 

But music has historically played a considerable role in connecting us to our culture, adding a deeper dimension to our experience. At SomaHarmonics, we believe that music will be a big part of an adventurous, positive, and creative future. 

Music connects us to each other, but music also connects us to ourselves. 

The key is 'passive listening.'

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“Having spent the better part of my life as a musician and composer, I know first had how music can make you 'feel' more alive. For the last ten years I've been on a quest to understand how music works on the body and the mind. Now I want to share with you what I've learned  about how you can use music to improve your health and your life. "




Use Sleep Music 

Using music is a healthy way to avoid using any sort of manufactured drug, which have been marketed as 'sleep aids.'  Yes, they do 'knock you out' but is that the best way to do it? Do you remember when you felt transported by the sound of a choir?



The quality of our sleep supports our health, and allows us to feel calm during our waking hours. While our dreams can help guide us on our journey. From nature sounds, to various calming tones, we can use sound and music to improve our quality of sleep.

Do you remember when you fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof? This is the natural way of lulling into a state of peace and tranquility. 


Music Puts Us In Touch With Ourselves

We can communicate through music, no matter what language we speak. We understand deeply what is meant. We can be transported to other worlds, and our deepest emotions can rise to the surface.

Music Class


Music is Natural

We are naturally music makers! And you don't need a lot to get started - just start with humming. Humming and singing tones is called 'Toning' in certain circles. Shamans have used sounds as a way to ground and center themselves and those they are seeking to heal. Sound has been used in spiritual practices and religions for eons. There are many ways to reconnect with sound, sound healing and music. We at Soma-Harmonics see a bright future where people turn turn to music and sound as a for therapy, self-healing, and to enhance spiritual connections. 

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