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Seeking Inner Truth Through Music & Sound

Every day we learn more about ourselves and our world; it's an inspiring time to be alive. I'm stuck; I'm in awe when I hear about new scientific studies that point to how we are the masters of our own healing. The more we discover about the mind /body connection, the more we confirm ancient teachings. As they say, 'everything old is new again.' The knowledge has always been there; only the words have changed. We are building, then rebuilding, ways to our inner wisdom.

Once again, we come back to the idea that if we can get calm, listen deeply and relax into the moments of our lives, we can reclaim our place in the big picture. We can know who we are and why we are here. We can see that time is an illusion. Most of what we thought was real is an illusion. There is a more profound architecture to all of this. The more we open to inner knowledge, the more the misconceptions fall away, revealing a new reality.

We are masters of our own bodies and connected to all. As we become more aware, we find that fear has no place here, as our reptilian brains are keeping up safe. So, we can let go, release doubt and anxiety, and build our new world around grace, positive thinking, gratitude, and love of self and others.

Give in to taking excellent care of yourself. Guard your mind, guard your time. Listen to your body and give it what it needs in all moments. Listen to your mind and stay focused on the teacher deep inside you. Use all the tools you can bring into your space to focus all day long on all that is good. This is your time, and these are your moments. These are the gifts, and they are rich gifts, indeed.

Sound and music are some of the tools we can use to bring about calmness and healing. We go through life thinking that sound is just something we must put up with. From birth, we have accepted that the noises around us are something we are not in control of, something we tolerate because hearing is just one of our senses. But noise can wear you down; it can dampen your spirit and literally tire you out.

Therefore, surrounding yourself with the music and sounds you find most calming is an action and conscious act of rebellion. You can listen to guided meditations that support you and help you focus. You can listen to nature sounds either as audio or, better yet, get yourself out into nature and open yourself up to the sounds of the earth. Nature sounds are interpreted deeply within our brains, tapping what we know about the environment. It tells us if the earthly 'environment' we are in is healthy. We need to listen to what the earth is telling us and act on it.

You can listen to ethereal music that makes you feel like you are floating. This will trigger specific responses from our brains and bodies to help us think more clearly, beginning our natural inclination to heal ourselves.

Music is created by composers who have unlocked the secrets of sacred tones and want to use their gifts to heal the world. Genres include ambient, new age, and neo-classical. Seek out the sounds and the music that leads to your healing and opens your awareness in mysterious ways. Follow your path to your own inner truth, and by healing yourself, you are helping to heal the world.

I wish you inner serenity and all the positive visions that reflect the beauty of our existence.

Peace and love -- LIZ


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