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  • Can I license SomaHarmonics music for my own projects?
    Yes you can, and we encourage it. We make getting a license quick, easy, and fair. When you license from SomaHarmonics, we send you high quality wav file, between 45 and 60 minute verison, of music you want to use. We encourage you to create your own guided meditations, videos, and projects for: Guided Meditations Podcast Business Setting Mobile Application or Game Social Media VIDEO Short Film or Documentary See the license agreement on the contact page. The price this $199. SomaHarmonics will be responsible for whitelisting your channel and clearing any copyright claims made by the Content ID system in relation to the content licensed. Our license can be applied to use this music track as part of a short film or documentary that is under 1 hour in length. Please contact us if you would like to discuss larger projects, we are happy to work with you. (Read the SomaHarmonics / Bona Dea Music licensing agreement for further details.)
  • Can I modify the music, and how many projects can I use it for?"
    Yes, you can modify the music. And you can use each piece of music per project. We will provide you will a high quality, longer version of the piece of music you want to use - up to 60-minutes in length of any piece seamlessly looped, depending upon your needs. If you buy the music as a download, and don't purchase a license, you will not be free to use the music for your projects, but only for listening. The price to license a piece of music is $199. (See the SomaHarmonics / Bona Dea Music licensing agreement for more details.)
  • How can I get a longer version for my yoga class?
    If you would like a longer version of a piece of music to listen to, you will find longer, looped versions on the Bandcamp page for Liz Larin. If you want to license the music for your project, we will happily provide you with a high-quality wav file version, and custom loop it for you, from 45 minutes to 60 minutes with your license. (See the SomaHarmonics / Bona Dea Music licensing agreement for more details.)
  • How can I find my Use ID so I can upload my video to YouTube?
    Our tracks have audio watermarks in the form of metadata, which is why you will need a license to use the music for purposes other than just your listening pleasure. If you will be uploading this track to YouTube in any form, your channel will need to be whitelisted in the Content ID system (please include your channel User ID in the form below, if this applies). To find your User ID please follow these instructions: (See the SomaHarmonics / Bona Dea Music licensing agreement for more details.)
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