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   Make Music Part of Your Wellness Program

           SomaHarmonics came about through years of experiencing the balance my life has achieved by embracing the flow of music, meditation, and spiritual practice in harmony with one another. As a musicologist, I have collected audio recordings and musical instruments from all around the world. My journey has revealed how music continuously affects our lives and wellness wherever we find ourselves. Along with love, 'music' is that universal language that brings us together. What role does music play in your life? 


                                                                     Music expresses that which                                                                  cannot be and on which it is                                                 impossible to be silent.

                                                                                   - Victor Hugo             



            Music has been a partner in my life since I can remember, with meditation and yoga added in my late teens. This trio of knowledge has guided my understanding of chakra centers, where I've experienced shifts in consciousness, transformation, and newfound clarity. 

            These are the gifts I want to share with you. Music and sound can benefit your life, health, and well-being. Together, we will continue to expand our understanding of our sonic landscape's power to shape our lives for the better. 

Outdoor Meditation
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Liz Larin


SomaHarmonics_logo_11-30-20 copy_grey-ye

As a composer, recording artist and sound therapist, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring you music from the soul, for the soul. The world can seem confusing, stressful, and can even break your heart. But having a calm place to go, a retreat, which, like a montra, can bring you back to yourself.


Center and balance allow us to move through what we need to experience in order to grown, with understanding and love for ourselves and others. We are reaching, all beings together, moving toward higher levels of peace and understanding. 

With Loving Kindness - 


Rock in Sand
Buddha Statue
Child's Pose
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